“Zhuli-Buli" x keep Designer Yova Yager and artist Nastya Ptichek

“Zhuli-Buli" x keep


This is a short story about how a couple of simple young guys met to do something really good together. And this idea turned out to be an excellent collaboration “Keep + artistic and social project “Zhuli-Buli"

Designer Yova Yager and artist Nastya Ptichek gave us a unique print with the image of animals listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Then we did some magic for you to see our new waistbag as soon as possible

This is the case when you are pleased not only with a stylish thing, but also with your contribution to a great good deed!

Therefore, we transfer part of the amount from each purchased waistbag to the “Sirius”, shelter for homeless animals.

In Keep we believe that the brand is made of people, not items!

Perhaps this is a little bit naive, but it’s our lifestyle.

In fact, we are all able to succeed in any achievement, no matter who we are

So keep doing good and change this world

2018-01-25 15:03:35