We are Keep®

We are Keep®

Your brand of urban backpacks and bags, enthusiasts living in the neighboring area.

We believe in supernatural, believe in you, in ourselves and in the world of possibilities.

Sometimes crazy, risky, energetic, we are able to enjoy what we create.

Our adventure began in 2011 with the name WE ARE ABLE, and since then we have faithfully taken care of your belongings and secrets.

We grew up, changed together with you and looked for our own way to make style. This is how keep® appeared.

The keep® style is a reflection of our vision of city life, in which the backpack is a constant assistant.

We do not claim to be the ultimate truth, but each of our models is a true friend that you can rely on and with which you experience the brightest moments.

What we know for sure is that each of us can change this world.

Therefore, we continue to make plans, relax, travel, do what we love and just move forward.

You are able to do anything, no matter who you are.

Keep. Whatever