Care instructions

Care instructions

Warranty and return

Quality warranty of the products provided by the keep® company covers only to manufacturing defects formed during production and does not extend to damage caused by improper usage—abrasion, the effect of extreme heat, solvents, acids and alkalis, accidents, improper storage, exceeding the limit load, not for purpose usage, as well as damage caused by third parties—carriers or due to customs control. In case of damage to the product during transportation, the customer should to submit an appropriate claim to the carrier company (which is insured in case of baggage/cargo damage) at the arrival point. The customer has the right to replace non-food product of appropriate quality to a similar product from the seller which sold the product, if that product does not match with a shape, size, style, color or configuration.

Warranty period - 6 month

The replacement of a keep® product is possible if this product was not in use and all its customer properties, appearance, seals, labels, warranty certificate and cash receipt (or any other document that could confirm the purchase of current product) have been saved. Such right remains during 14 days. The customer has the right to decline the purchase and demand a refund of the paid amount in case if similar product is not available or out of stock at the market in the moment. The customer's demand to refund must be executed by the keep® company within 3 days from the date of returning of the current product. The replacement of the product can be performed upon the return of a similar product on the market by the agreement between the customer and keep® company.

A customer who purchased a product of inappropriate quality and if it has not been agreed by the seller, may at its option to demand of the following:

① free of charge elimination of deficiencies or reimbursement of expenses for their correction by the customer or a third party;

② proportional reduction in the price of the product;

③ replacement of a product with a similar model;

④ replacement on the same product but another model with the conforming adjustment of the purchasing price.


Care instructions

① Use only cleaning methods that are indicated on the label and in the product description at Do not use an aggressive detergents.

② Cleaning of polyester, polyamide, polyurethane and vinyl products should be performed manually, with wet a tissue, brush or sponge in soapy water at a temperature of <30 °C (86 °F).

③ Apply cleaning solution or soapy water with a sponge to the contaminated surface in case there are still some stains on the surface of the product then remove it with a clean damp cloth.

④ Gently wipe the front surface with a circular motion, starting from the center to the periphery of the spot to avoid the appearance of stains during cleaning.

⑤ Use special foam-type detergents for the stubborn stains but do not bleach.

⑥ The decoration elements such as patches and badges cannot be washed in the washing machine.

⑦ Do not iron bags and backpacks.

⑧ Keep bags and backpacks in a dry place.


DuPont™ Tyvek®

The special care attention must be paid to the products made of Tyvek material. This is a synthetic material consisting of high density polyethylene (HDPE) fibers.

Because of Tyvek is a nonwoven material, please note that any its damage as a puncture, cut or melting cannot be restored to the previous undamaged state by any sewing technologies. Despite Tyvek is waterproof material and resistant to rupture in wet and dry conditions, moderate load on the product and its careful usage are highly recommended. Tyvek is also insensitive to most acids, alkalis, salts, retains durable and flexibility at a temperature of -75 °C (167 °F), begins to wrinkle at 118 °C (244 °F) and melt at 135 °C (334 °F).

Can be washed at a temperature of <60 °C with versatile detergents. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.

Warning! Products made of colored Tyvek is able to lose color and leave stains on a white clothing, so do not wash and combine them together!